Dinner Party in a Box

Dinner Party in a Box - NO VAT

Everything you need for a fantastic dinner party - in a box (..wine not included)

We've done all the hard work for you. 

This is not just a gourmet ready meal - this is hand made Dinner Party 'Mis en Place' (Chef-talk), just waiting for a little time, heat & just a little bit of attention - from you 'The Chef'.

..Full Instructions included.

We've categorised our 'Dinner Party in a Box' items into three categories:

Lazy - aim it at the oven / microwave, can't go wrong. Robust dishes that will taste just great - whatever happens.

Foodie - OK, you're going to get your hands dirty - but we promise it'll be straightforward.. & worth it.

Fanatic - We've done a lot of the leg work - but you're needed in the kitchen chef. We've prepared your sauce bases, rolled out & blind baked your tart cases.. even filleted your sea-bass but if you want to eat a perfect fish dish you gotta cook that Seabass skin-side down for 80% of its cooking time - flip 'em over for half a minute or so - just to finish the cooking.. the only way for real crispy skin - This is restaurant cooking, at home.

The Dinner Party in a Box is available for delivery Tuesday through Sunday.
(Some items available for delivery on Mondays).

Please allow two working days ie place your order before 6.00pm on Thursday & receive your Dinner Party in a Box by courier on saturday afternoon.



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