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Let's face it, cooking at home these days is a bit of a chore isn't it? It'd be nice if your 12 year old would make supper, even once a week, right? ..maybe if your 10 year old would do load the dishwasher without the threat of a 'Fortnite-Free fortnight' (it's a video game. The entire male population of the world aged between about 8-16 years old is completely addicted to Fortnite).

Nutritionally balanced ready meals & 'kitchen-prep-busters' for you, your partner & the little ones, using free range meat, poultry & locally sourced fish & vegetables.

Our approach to family cooking goes something like this:

Customer: 'I like cooking.. I want loads of nice food in the fridge but I just don't have much time to shop & cook.. and I don't have tons of room in my fridge for individual ready meals'

Jake the Chef: 'OK, so how about we make you some bolognese sauce (or a lasagne or two.. kids sizes or family size.. you choose), we'll do some slowly roasted lamb shoulders with pomegranate & sumac.. & some 'groovy quinoa' ..or saffron rice.

Customer: 'Ooh, that sounds delicious.. can you do something for the kids too? gravy mind, just some simple roast chicken, mash, broccoli etc.. sausages, salmon.. actually Johnny rather likes sweet potatoes but his big sister Celia hates them..' know, that kind of thing

Jake the Chef: 'No problem. How about some fishcakes.. Chicken pie, cottage pie... all free range meat' 

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